The Movie LUCY: Are You Accessing Your Potential?


This summer I saw the movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, and felt my heart leap out of my chest with inspiration.

I’m not a movie critic –

I’m a movie


So don’t look to me for an objective review or even a good recommendation. I watch movies with 2 intentions:

to ENJOY and


So while my friend Rachel felt there was a lot to be desired in this movie, I came away from it full of motivation and excitement.

If you haven’t seen it, the movie premise is that because this young woman accidentally ingested a high dose of a special drug, her brain transforms from accessing 10%, to the point at the end of the movie when she reaches 100% usage of her brain.

The most inspiring part of the movie is the initial transformation:

here is an ordinary girl, scared to DEATH of being raped or killed, begging desperately for her life to be spared,

to the new Lucy who can access 20% of her brain,

and therefore has lost




She suddenly knows her own power, and effortlessly acts on it.

She moves through the world with the confidence of a god.

There is no concern of convincing anyone else of what she knows, no concern of people’s judgments, no doubts of who she is, no lack of focus.

And her confidence is not arrogant, although some could choose to perceive it that way.

It’s just STRONG:

the confident serenity and strength of someone who knows her own limitlessness.

She doesn’t wait for others to understand her, she just acts on what she knows is best for herself and the world.

She is direct, focused, and calm.

She takes huge risks because she knows she can’t fail, she knows

death is not real,

fear is not real.

She has clarity about people and the world, and she is detached from the actions of others, even people hating her and trying to kill her.

She is calm and poised and doesn’t rush.

She speaks with focus and utmost confidence – she doesn’t have to TRY to be confident or courageous –

she simply IS confident because she knows

who she is

and what she’s capable of.

She doesn’t look down on anyone else, because she knows that everyone on earth has the exact same potential as she does – she has just become the first human to fully access that potential, and she wants to help the world by sharing what she’s discovered.

When someone has that kind of clarity of purpose,

the pathways clear,

people respond —

everyone rises to help and support.

OH! The goose-bumps covered my body when I saw her transformation from a scared normal girl, to a world leader – so exciting! All her previous obstacles (like fear, pain, doubt) just fell away as she accessed more of her potential.


this is the picture of what can happen to us when we


out of our fear,

out of our pain,

and start moving into our highest destinies!

The reason I’m so inspired by Lucy, is because this is the process I’m in the middle of:

I am rising out of my fear and running towards my biggest dreams.

I’m tapping into the potential that I’ve always known was inside me.

And my biggest desire is to see YOU do the same.

These obstacles that seem so huge,

so insurmountable,

so hopeless to overcome,


when we start to see


we really are.

If you were able to see the full picture of how powerful and magnificent you are,

you would faint.

Thankfully, Life is merciful and shows us our magnificence gradually, so it doesn’t overwhelm us. But it’s there.

You are greater than you’ve ever dreamed.

It’s time to rise,

it’s time to access more of our potential.

In the past six years I have seen my life transform from a freaked out, insecure, depressed young woman, to the woman I am today:

confident, focused, serene, joyful,

and accessing way more of my potential than I ever dreamed possible.

If I can do it, you can do it.

We are all made of the same stuff.

So open yourself to your own magnificence, your own potential.

You know it’s there –

are you brave enough to

SEE it?


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