The Power of Looking Beyond Someone’s Ego, to Her Spirit

Great news! The friend who messaged me on Monday, begging me to consider that I had been deceived by the Enemy, sent me the most wonderful reply yesterday.

She said, “Thank you Noelle! I really really appreciate your response and the graceful way in which you received what I had to say and how you phrased your response to everything. I will continue to pray for you as you continue to minister to others through your story and your life :-).”

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is amazing, especially considering how strongly (just 2 days ago) she was begging me to read more Bible verses and reconsider my basic connection to God.

So what do we learn from this?

How could she send me such a supportive message, when she obviously disagrees with my beliefs?

Did she change her mind after reading my post “Love Letter to Christians” and decide to leave church and let go of all her Christian beliefs?

Of course not!

And this brings us to the topic for today:

The power of looking beyond someone’s ego,
which is the false self,
to the spirit –

which is the true essence of who she really is.

I’m gonna be honest, when her long message to me began on Monday, it was full of love and spirit and I felt total compassion from her – I felt her spirit reaching out to mine. But then, as she went further into begging me to consider that I was being deceived, and then all the Bible verses about the evil things in my heart, and then warning me that my TV watching might be a concern, etc. . . . . my ego definitely flared up for a minute – not because I doubted myself, but it’s just not fun when someone is reproaching you about your ‘sinful’ behavior.

And more than that, I felt overwhelmed.

Because I knew exactly where she was coming from, since I was there just a few years ago.

I thought, how can I even continue a conversation with someone who is holding so strongly to her beliefs that she thinks I’m spiritually blind?

What common ground can we possibly have?

And my initial reaction, when I was sitting there on the couch with Vince, feeling exhausted, was –

I’m just not gonna respond. It’s too difficult. What good would it do?

And then, after I cooled down a bit and breathed, I had the thought,

She IS you. Just picture yourself. Respond to YOU. See the TRUE spirit in her – forget the admonishments and her beliefs, just think of the true person who you know is fully just like you, no matter what you each believe.

And just like that, I was full of joyful energy to respond to her, and I sent her a loving message thanking her for her concern and love for me, without defending myself. It felt magical and powerful to have let go of my ego and connected with ONLY her spirit. I felt LOVE flow through me towards her, which enabled me to rise out of my exhaustion and write the love letter to all of you yesterday.

And THIS is the power I’ve been talking about in rising above beliefs. You see, what I’ve learned through my searching and experience in these past few years, is that

BELIEF is a function of the ego.

The ego is the part of us that isn’t really us

it’s afraid, judgmental, arrogant, easily offended.

But our spirit is our TRUE SELF. Our spirit is what connects to God. Our spirit is full and alive and whole – always has been and always will be.

Our spirit’s very essence is LOVE.

This is the common ground we have with EVERY OTHER human on the planet.

This is always where we can connect.

But in order to connect on this level,

we have to learn to be aware of our ego,

and allow it to calm down, so that our spirit can rise.

This is how it’s possible that I can trust my desires and look within for guidance,

because I’m learning how to let go of my ego

and let my spirit be full and alive in every moment.

When your SPIRIT is at the forefront of your life, your desires will naturally be good and healthy for you.

If you are living primarily out of your EGO, you definitely won’t be able to trust your desires.

But the good news is, that as soon as you become aware that the ego is NOT REALLY YOU,

the ego then loses its power!

Awareness is ALL that is needed.

The ego is not some evil force that needs to be battled against or feared – it’s just the false part of you that you need to gently

yet intentionally let go of,

in order to let your true self be alive and awake all the time.

When I first read all the Bible verses from my friend reproaching me, my ego rose up for a second.

I paused and breathed and intentionally reminded myself who my friend really is.

I chose to see her true spirit, which is beyond the Bible verses, beyond her beliefs, beyond her fears for me.

How would this have gone if I had responded from my ego?

How dare you send me all these verses! You don’t think I haven’t thought of all that already? Who are you to tell me my TV watching is dangerous for me?”

Fear, ego, fear, offense.

I don’t think her response to THAT would have been as favorable – LOL!!

But instead, I ignored the parts that wanted to flare up my fear, my ego, and only responded from MY spirit, to HER spirit.

And the result is magical and powerful and she and I have mutual respect and love for each other,

REGARDLESS of our beliefs — Beyond belief!!

So who in your life causes your ego to flare up?

Try bringing awareness to the feelings, and then letting them go.

Let your heart gaze ONLY at the TRUE ESSENCE of this person.

When you respond only to her spirit, then only her spirit will respond back to you!

I leave you today with my favorite quote from Rumi:

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden.  I will meet you there.”



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