10 Things My Hero Jesus Wants to Say To Christians (Part 1: Identity)

Whether you are a Christian or not, you have to admit that there must be something powerfully real about this man Jesus for us to still be talking about him 2,000 years after his time on earth.

Amazingly, Jesus has become more inspiring to me SINCE leaving Christianity — the church and faith that defined my life for 3 decades.

Christians claim to be followers of Jesus, yet their lives rarely exemplify the very important truths he so boldly taught during his ministry.

If Christians are actually following this highly enlightened, powerful person, why are we not seeing widespread transformation of the human race?

I have come to see, through tangible experience and revelation since letting go of church and Christian theology, that the true, life-changing message of Jesus has been completely misunderstood by Christianity as a whole.

It is my hope to illuminate the REAL Jesus, the most inspirational spiritual leader and man who has ever walked on this earth, the Jesus that most Christians have failed to fully understand or see.

The true message of Jesus is so amazing, so powerful, so incredible, so joyful, so transformational – and yet for 2,000 years we have been afraid to see it.

The time has come to open our hearts to the powerful message of Jesus that is meant for every human being, regardless of religion.

Here is the #1 thing I think Jesus would say to Christians today:

1) Your Identity

My precious brothers and sisters, I love you.

You have missed the most important point of my message.

Most of you are asleep – blind and deaf to see me and the purpose of my life.

It’s time for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, to wake up, receive this exciting truth, and work in the awakening of the sleeping world.

Here is the actual good news of my message:

Yes, I was fully human and fully Divine, Son of Man and Son of God.

But that’s not the end of the story.

So are YOU.

The whole purpose of my time on earth – my life, my miracles, my resurrection, my teachings, was to show you what’s possible for YOU.

You are not lower than I am.

We are brothers and sisters, children of God, and I rose to a level that had never been reached by a human being before,

NOT so that you would worship me,

but so that you would


You are just like me – capable in every way of doing everything I did and more.

This is the good news.

What I want for you today – what I have always wanted –

is for you to see how magnificent you are,

for you to see how powerful you are.

This is not an easy truth to receive, and that’s why Christianity, from the VERY beginning, has distorted my message.

It was easier, safer, and more comfortable to keep me on the pedestal and worship me than to receive the truth that you are just like me.

Knowing the truth, that you are in every way capable of everything I am capable of, means you have great responsibility.

And that’s scary.

Even my very first followers had trouble receiving this message.

You are not alone — it has not been the right time.

But the time has come to wake up.

You must wake up and be everything you were destined to be.

Let my life be a shining example of what YOU can be.

Don’t copy me, but let your own unique path open up for you, and follow it courageously and powerfully like I did.

You are limited only by your thoughts of what is possible.

You are not just a physical body – you are an eternal spirit, more powerful than you’ve let yourself see.

If you want to follow me, seek within – that is exactly what I did.

My connection with God was the Source of every miracle, every enlightened thought I ever had.

You have the ability to connect with God, just as fully as I did.

Let go of limiting beliefs and see that everything you’ve been searching for is within you.

Wake up and rise to your highest destiny!

YOU are the LIGHT of the world.

Wake up to your powerful true identity:

fully human, fully Divine,

just like me.


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