Does Anyone Spend Eternity In Hell?

My cousin Reggie posted this question on my Facebook fan page:

“Do you think anyone spends eternity in hell?”

Thank you for this great question, Reggie! I would love to expand on this topic, which I have only briefly skimmed in my previous posts.

To understand why people have such a firm belief in hell, we need to understand the ego. The ego is the part of us that isn’t really us. It’s not real, it’s an illusion, but we can imagine that it’s real which gives it power over us. It’s full of fear, and it loves to whisper in our ear all kinds of thoughts about how guilty and sinful we are, and how we deserve punishment.

Our SPIRIT, which is fully connected to God — always has been and always will be — is the only part of us that’s real.

 It’s our True Self and its essence is LOVE. Our spirit is safe with God, and is in no danger whatsoever.

1) Hell is not a place where we go to be punished when we die, hell is a choice right NOW

Hell exists for those who live in fear. Those who live from their egos, are experiencing some degree of hell. When I was molested by my pastor at age 9, I agreed with the lie that I was inherently damaged and sinful, and the ego’s lies began to take over my life. I entered 20 years of hell. Most of my existence during that time, I was extremely fearful, anxious, insecure, and depressed.  I felt separate from God, separate from people, and lost — which catapulted me into addictions to men and alcohol, 2 broken marriages, and a DEEP ACHE in my soul.

The root of all my pain was the LIE that I was ugly, damaged and inherently sinful, and deserved to be punished.

That was hell.

2) Hellish experiences serve to bring us to heaven

While I did experience hell, I am strangely and extremely grateful for every moment of that darkness. Those tortured 20 years served to bring me to an existence on this earth that is truly HEAVEN today. Had I not had that extreme experience of darkness, I would not be so fully in the Light today. And to prove how much of an illusion hell really is, this is what happened to me (on Aug 22, 2008):

I was INSTANTLY catapulted into heaven, the moment I received the truth about my identity:

That there had never been anything wrong with me, that I was loved and cherished and that my true essence was beautiful and not damaged or sinful in any way.

This ONE TRUTH brought me instantly into the Light, and I have been in increasing degrees of heaven ever since!! Life is beautiful!!

(To watch me tell this part of my story on YouTube, click here.)

3) You are an eternal spirit – your True Self is already in heaven, fully connected to God and forever safe

Many, many people are experiencing hell on earth today, including many Christians who are living in fear. If we listen to the ego, we will stay spiritually asleep, and will live in fear and in the illusion that we are separate from God.

But as more and more of us wake up to our true identity and therefore our true reality, we will transform earth to be a reflection of heaven – bliss and love, where fear is a distant memory.

We will realize that we’ve never actually been separate from God, that we are a part of God, and can NOT BE separated. Since we can not actually be separated from LOVE (our very essence), except in our imaginations, there is no possible way that we are in danger of a place called hell.

All we need to do is WAKE UP and realize who we really are: fully connected to God, safe, secure, loved, and not damaged or sinful in any way.

When we agree with the truth about our identity, hell instantly ceases to exist.

Heaven then becomes our ONLY reality.

When we get so caught up in what will happen to us in the future when we die, we miss out on experiencing our true reality of heaven TODAY.


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