BLISS BEYOND BELIEF is now Available on!!

Hello my beautiful friends,

I am VERY excited to announce that my first book, Bliss Beyond Belief: The Journey Out of Pain Into Your Highest Destiny is now published as an e-book!!

I am AMAZED at how fast and magically this book flowed out of me.   I refused to agree with the lie that writing a book needs to be a long process, difficult and arduous.  It was easy and fun, and it’s a POWERFUL book.

Bliss Beyond Belief is an inspirational memoir of my incredible life.  I used my dramatic life experiences as the platform for motivating the reader to choose a life of purpose and passion.   Due to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my Christian pastor, my journey led me through the darkness of depression, loneliness, addictions, divorce, and conversion to Islam.

At my rock bottom moment in 2008, I had a LIFE-CHANGING spiritual encounter.

All of this is covered within the first chapter, and the rest of the 201-page e-book is a powerful, motivating description of the magical life I have walked into as a result of my encounter with LOVE.

Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of my life that has been revolutionized as I’ve learned to connect deeply with God by discovering my magnificence.

1. From Trauma to AWAKENING
2. From Fear to LOVE
3. From Pain to HEALING
4. From Addiction to FREEDOM
5. From Loneliness to TRUE LOVE
6. From Insecurity to MAGNIFICENCE
7. From Obligation to JOY
8. From Stress to SIMPLICITY
9. From Religion to SPIRIT

With clarity, specifics, and tangible examples, I show YOU how to walk into the life of YOUR dreams.  Get ready for a jam-packed, HIGHLY inspirational read with insights that are fresh and mind-blowing.

If you are open to miracles and the possibility of transformation beyond religion, I know this book could change your life.   I’ve held nothing back – I write from my heart in raw and candid detail, letting my life be the vulnerable conduit to your own life-changing experience.

Click HERE to buy it today for only $6.99!

I leave you today with another personalized song that came from Carri SanPedro for her husband Tommy.  She wrote me a letter describing her love for him, and it was SO easy to set it to music because her words were so heart-felt.  I am LOVING this gorgeous song today.  Enjoy and have a beautiful Christmas and holiday season!


Whatever You THINK, Will BE: I Choose Easy, and Life is EASY

Do you have ANY idea how POWERFUL you are?

Do you know that if you DECIDE life will be EASY, it will be?

My entire life, I thought singing was difficult for me, and so it was.

The MOMENT I decided it was easy, it became EASY.

I thought songwriting was impossible for me and that I wasn’t a creative person. And so I didn’t write music.

The MOMENT I decided songwriting would be easy and natural for me because my very NATURE is CREATIVE, the songs effortlessly and joyfully flowed out of me.

And now, as I embark on my new adventure of publishing my first book,

Bliss Beyond Belief:

The Journey Out of Pain Into Your Highest Destiny

I know it will be FUN and EASY,

because that is what I have decided it will be.

Whatever dream you have, whatever work, whatever you want to release to the world, stop limiting your outflow by thinking that it’s difficult to do.

Whatever you think, will BE.

I don’t know about you, but I choose EASY, EFFORTLESS, JOYFUL, and FUN!!!!

Here is the latest song on my YouTube channel, a poignant true story about a man named Johnny comforting an elderly lady after she lost everything in the 2013 Calgary floods.  Get ready — it’s a TEAR-JERKER!

How Embracing My Biggest Fear Unlocked My Destiny

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that things EXPLODED on my blog yesterday.  Anita Moorjani, one of my great heroes, shared one of my blog posts on her Fan page to her 77,000+ fans, and my views skyrocketed.  I saw my dreams materializing before my eyes!!

The day I originally published that post, The Book That Led Me To Let Go Of Christianity, I had about 20 views on it. Yesterday, about 3,500 people read it around the world.  I’ve also had more views and subscribers on my YouTube channel, as well as new supportive and active fans on my Facebook Fan Page.

I am one BIG step closer to realizing my dream of traveling the world as an inspirational writer/speaker/singer.

This exposure to a wider audience through Anita has connected me to a huge community of people who identify with my journey of moving beyond religious beliefs.  I am not alone!

If you are one of these new people who has found me recently, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. In connecting with all of you who deeply resonate with me, my dreams are coming true!!

I have just reached the end of 3 years of working full-time in my dreams. Most of that ‘work’ has been internal: excavating my internal landscape to reveal my true self, my true desires, and my highest destiny. This 3rd year since leaving the corporate world, the internal work I’ve done in a safe and private cocoon has moved externally.  I have shared my story on YouTube, and have begun blogging in the past 2 months.

When I first felt the energy brewing to start blogging regularly, I was confronted with a HUGE fear:

I was afraid of being JUDGED for sharing my story of moving beyond Christianity.

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It’s My Birthday: I Can Cry If I Want To

Image Credit: Arun Anand

The tears I cried on the way to my birthday breakfast with my mom yesterday were not sad tears. I wept for joy because I received a VERY unique gift from a Facebook friend.

This is a special birthday, because it’s my first birthday after ‘coming out’ spiritually to the world. I have shed my skin, come out of the cocoon, and in this blog I have revealed my soul in total transparency, holding nothing back.

So this birthday feels very different because I am not hiding anything. I am living a transparent, authentic life. Even my connections online are more authentic. They are not based on an outdated idea that people have in their minds about who I am – they are not based on the mask I always wore.  Anyone who has taken the time to read even one of my blog posts, knows something about the REAL me.  And that makes me feel whole and connected.

I woke up yesterday to lots of birthday messages, and one in particular cut straight to my heart. It was from my new Facebook friend, Eric Nzohabonayo, from Burundi, Africa.

Eric N

We have connected online through my music recently, because he is also a musician and used to write music, and has been inspired to start writing again. Soon we are going to collaborate on a song – he will write the lyrics and I will set it to music and sing it, in both English and French (his main language).  Good thing I know how to sing in French!

I don’t personally know Eric, other than through this online forum, and so the present I got from him yesterday — a personalized poem — was powerful. It felt like God speaking straight to me. It made me feel so special, so loved by God and the universe, so affirmed in my identity and purpose.  It awakened me, emboldened me, and hit me at just the right moment when I needed encouragement.

I can’t describe how LOVED this made me feel – the deep, gut-wrenching unconditional love of God that affirms you – the love that lets you know that you are HOME, that your true identity is amazing and magnificent, that there is nothing wrong with you, the love that lets you know you have a powerful purpose, that you are not alone – it’s an INDESCRIBABLE experience!!!

As you read the words he wrote to me, imagine what it would be like to receive this from someone across the globe you hardly know – how would it make YOU feel?

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