How Embracing My Biggest Fear Unlocked My Destiny

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that things EXPLODED on my blog yesterday.  Anita Moorjani, one of my great heroes, shared one of my blog posts on her Fan page to her 77,000+ fans, and my views skyrocketed.  I saw my dreams materializing before my eyes!!

The day I originally published that post, The Book That Led Me To Let Go Of Christianity, I had about 20 views on it. Yesterday, about 3,500 people read it around the world.  I’ve also had more views and subscribers on my YouTube channel, as well as new supportive and active fans on my Facebook Fan Page.

I am one BIG step closer to realizing my dream of traveling the world as an inspirational writer/speaker/singer.

This exposure to a wider audience through Anita has connected me to a huge community of people who identify with my journey of moving beyond religious beliefs.  I am not alone!

If you are one of these new people who has found me recently, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. In connecting with all of you who deeply resonate with me, my dreams are coming true!!

I have just reached the end of 3 years of working full-time in my dreams. Most of that ‘work’ has been internal: excavating my internal landscape to reveal my true self, my true desires, and my highest destiny. This 3rd year since leaving the corporate world, the internal work I’ve done in a safe and private cocoon has moved externally.  I have shared my story on YouTube, and have begun blogging in the past 2 months.

When I first felt the energy brewing to start blogging regularly, I was confronted with a HUGE fear:

I was afraid of being JUDGED for sharing my story of moving beyond Christianity.

Just the fact that I had the words ‘Beyond Christianity’ on my front main page made me shiver and cringe. I only had a couple of people in my wide circle of friends on Facebook who I thought would identify at all.

I thought:

“Am I being too specific? Is there anybody else out there who would even resonate with this stuff? This is what I am VERY passionate to write about, but what if I’m the ONLY ONE who thinks this way? Will people think I’m CRAZY?”

But one day when I was sitting with my coffee and journal down at Lake McIntosh, I felt my Highest Self say to me,

“Noelle, the Christianity topic is what makes you unique and is the KEY to your destiny. Your life experience is FULL of your struggle with Christianity. You are NOT alone. There are millions of people all over the world who have struggled with Christianity in the same way that you have, and they need the HOPE that you have. This IS your story. This IS your brand. Be SPECIFIC, BE FULLY YOURSELF. Let your audience come to you. Don’t think about HOW or WHERE you will speak to these audiences. It will all unfold in its perfect time. Don’t think about where you FIT – don’t worry about MindBodyGreen or churches, or anything else you could join – just BUILD YOURSELF – write FREELY and FULLY – Your audience will come to you.”

So I embraced my fears and started boldly sharing my thoughts in my blog.

And some of my worst fears came true. I was judged and criticized. I made people angry. I offended people.

But my heart was set on my mission of LOVE. I looked past the reactions and the fear, and kept writing. And many people Unfriended me or Unliked my fan page, and many days my views were VERY low (we’re talking 8 or 10 views per day on my blog).

The only days when my views skyrocketed were when I posted the most controversial posts and people got angry. Either way, I basically felt alone.

But I kept writing.

And writing.

Two months passed of almost daily blogging without much of a positive response.

And then over this past weekend, I found all of you! Being united with you is like coming HOME.

Here are just a handful of the amazing comments I’ve received recently:

“Wow!! I’m sitting in my living room right now reading this post thinking that it was written about me…lol I have a very similar journey!! I love how we create the space for like minded people to come into our lives💕 Love your blog Noelle Marie Amendola and excited to read more of your stuff!”

“After reading your post via Anita’s website, I can see that I am not alone in my journey and am thrilled to connect with you and everyone else who responded to your post.”

“The more you let go of things, the more you go with the flow…the more you get connected with similar minded people all over the planet. I am also new on this trip and it feels great. Worries are gone and we will never be alone!”

“I have read Anita’s book and felt how you did. I am glad to have stumbled across your story. I am having trouble letting go of the old beliefs. I was raised Catholic and so of course I think something bad will happen if I do this!!! How did you let go?!?!? Thank you for sharing!”

“Thank you for writing this. I have been having similar inspirations away from my Christian upbringing. I have been thinking I need to go public with it and I am so glad you have already gone there before me. I wish you continued peace and strength.”

So my encouragement to YOU today is to ask yourself:

“What do I REALLY want from this life?

What am I REALLY afraid of?”

Could it be that the thing you are most afraid of is the very thing you need to embrace?

Sometimes the thing that scares us the most is the KEY that unlocks our destiny and connects us with our true community.

Be BOLD!       Be SPECIFIC!       Be FULLY YOU!

I am Blessed BEYOND Belief to have found all of you! This is just the beginning! I love you!

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