The Power of ONE: My Experience Coaching Terri, Singer/Songwriter

I am entering day 3 of my 2015 Dreams to Reality Tour around the U.S. and Canada, and yet I feel like it’s been a MONTH – that is how FULL my life feels right now. Just a few weeks ago, this tour was simply a vision in my heart, and now it’s my REALITY.  I have to pinch myself that I get to travel the country with my husband Vince, inspiring the world through speaking, singing, and writing.  Is this really happening to me?

Already I’ve had HUGE shifts in my experience of life. I am full of energy, food seems more like fuel than an activity, I am sleeping less – all concerns about anything physical are just lifted away as I have entered a blissful state of DOING what I was BORN to DO. Nothing can compare to the joy I am experiencing.

But I have to admit, that ALREADY my expectations and perspective on what this tour will BE has gone through a quantum SHIFT.

If you’ve read my book, Bliss Beyond Belief, you know that I have BIG DREAMS. I see myself on big stages, inspiring huge crowds through speaking and singing. And yet, as I enter day 2 of working privately one on one with Terri Brown – a beautiful soul, a highly talented singer/songwriter – I have to look at the reality of how DEEPLY FULFILLED I am from working with ONE PERSON. Yes, being in front of a crowd of people still sounds amazing, but I have taken that dream off of its pedestal, after experiencing the MAGIC of changing ONE person’s life, in a deep and personal way.

Yesterday, as Terri and I sat in her loft, me at the piano, her with her guitar, I was full of passion and joy. I could hear in her beautiful singing that there was MORE. There was a VOICE inside her that wanted to emerge more fully and clearly.

And I had the idea to raise her song to a higher key. It was new, uncharted territory for her.

Instantly, as she ventured into the new notes, her voice rang out true and strong – it was vulnerable and pure, and we both started crying.

I can’t describe the MAGIC of that moment. In that moment, she saw the possibility that there is so much more in her voice than she ever dreamed possible.

It’s more than just singing in a higher key –

it’s giving herself permission to SHINE.

In that moment, I could see her eyes open to the possibility of WHO she really is.

That maybe her destiny is bigger and greater and more amazing than she has let herself dream.

So for ME, as the one who wants to inspire hearts to life, what could be BETTER than this?!? To see ONE beautiful soul opening up, discovering who she is, seeing her true destiny emerge – it doesn’t get better than this!

I have a book signing / lecture in Phoenix at a bookstore on Valentine’s Day, and until yesterday, I was kind of “hanging my hat” on that. I was feeling like – this is a REAL tour, because I have a REAL lecture at a REAL bookstore.

But a big part of me has been wrapped up in it emotionally – worrying that no one will show up and I’ll be sitting there speaking to one or two people.

After my experience yesterday with Terri, my perspective has completely changed. Would that be so bad if only one person was there?

One person is EVERYTHING.

I had a friend tell me last night that one enlightened person can energetically uplift 7.5 million other people on the planet.

So really, if I am uplifting ONE person, I’m actually uplifting MILLIONS.

YES, I still dream of being on big stages. But I’m not waiting to be happy until that happens. Because I realize now that I’m ALREADY living my biggest dream.

Speaking to ONE person, uplifting ONE beautiful heart, changing ONE person’s life – this is the most fulfilling, magical experience I could ever dream of having.


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