Fully Living My New DREAM Life: How I’ve Embraced the Craziness and Found Peace and JOY

I’m back! I have missed connecting with all of you here on this blog – it’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since I’ve written a post, and yet in many ways it feels like it’s been a YEAR.

The insane magnitude of everything that’s happened since we left on this tour almost 2 months ago is beyond description, and WAY too much to capture in one blog post. I have risen to a new level. And I am OVERJOYED that I have now adjusted in such a way that I’m able to stand on solid ground in this new and magical world and share my experiences with all of you.

I am learning how to operate in a new level of fullness – after 3 years of REST and deep internal growth, with almost no plans or schedule of any kind, I am now in a life of busyness and outflow (balanced with powerful daily times of rest and internal escape) to the point where I actually have a SCHEDULE. What?! A schedule? If you had told the Noelle from one year ago that I would someday have a daily work schedule, I would have laughed in your face.

I went from an insane work schedule in 2011 doing something I didn’t love in the corporate world, to a free-flowing life of growth for 3 years where I embraced the beautiful reality of living in the moment and having NO plans or structure to my daily life whatsoever.

I honestly never thought I would need a schedule or plans again.

My free-flowing, living in the moment, no plans kind of life worked GREAT for me, and I LOVED it. Total freedom.  I completely LET GO of my type-A, your day is measured by how much you get done, type of approach.  I found the BLISS of surrendering to spontaneity and complete lack of structure.

But since we left on tour things have changed. This weekend I had to re-group. I had to face the fact that I felt overwhelmed and I needed a new way to approach my new life.

Everything that I had posted on my dream board in August of 2014 is now materializing before my eyes.

My dreams have literally become reality:

1) I’m touring the world with my amazing husband. We now live in a Sprinter van that Vince converted into a cozy home for us, and we get to travel around the U.S. and Canada fully ENJOYING our life-long dream of living nomadically.

Sprinter in front (400x300)

2) My book Bliss Beyond Belief is inspiring people around the world.

book shelf smile

3) I founded the online School for Dreamers – I have 7 insanely amazing students in my first course, and lives are CHANGING!  I get to record a 45-minute inspirational lecture video while sitting in my van every week, I feel SO ALIVE in my life-changing coaching calls weekly with each student, and I am overjoyed as I see them transforming and growing before my eyes.  I never thought in my WILDEST dreams that this dream would become a reality SO SOON!!!! What is happening to me?!

Video lecture in van (400x300)

4) I have 2 music concerts scheduled in Edmonton in May – I get to perform with Leah Pauls!!

5) I am conducting my own FULL DAY “Dreams to Reality” Workshop in Calgary on May 16.  This is HUGE for me!!

6) My YouTube channel has exploded!  I started this tour with 48 subscribers, and today the total is 1300 and rising. (Vince and I were actually asked to be hosts for a tiny home TV show, but we turned it down because we like having total control of it and building our own thing.) It’s so fun to build this channel WITH Vince – I never dreamed he would be such a big part of this, and it’s so fun to see him shine on camera – he’s a natural!

So you can see why I might have felt a little overwhelmed this weekend, as I saw the list of TO DOs start to grow, and felt everything swirling around in my head.

I decided to step outside of it, and to realize that I ASKED FOR ALL OF THIS.

This is what I wanted.

So I simply wrote down in my journal, “How do I embrace everything that has been given to me? These dreams have become a reality, and now I need to learn how to ENJOY all of this – please help me, Spirit.”

And instantly, I knew, that I needed a schedule.  That I needed to organize my life.

And as I began organizing and finding a specific time in my week to write blog posts, to work on my projects, to record the weekly lecture video, etc. etc, instead of feeling dread at the thought of having a structure to my life, I felt JOY and PEACE.

And in that moment, I knew – there is a season for everything. There is a time for every type of activity. A time to rest, and a time to move. A time to be flexible and free-flowing, and a time to have a plan. And I felt this burst of excitement that I have entered a time in my life where I can handle having a plan.

Because unlike my previous life in the corporate world of planned activities, of obligations that made me ill, NOW my plans are for doing everything that I LOVE.

My day is planned, but it’s filled with everything I love to do – write, speak, sing, inspire, encourage, teach, lead, and LOVE.

THIS is a plan I can embrace. And I can hold it loosely.

And I can let it all soak in.

My dreams are becoming reality.

And I’m READY.  Let’s DO this!


2 thoughts on “Fully Living My New DREAM Life: How I’ve Embraced the Craziness and Found Peace and JOY

  1. Love all of this Noelle!! Super proud of you and all you have thought of, implemented and now watching grow to your happiest wildest dreams!! I am so happy to see you both live the life you want. Bravo!! You both inspire Trevor and I each day and we know we’ll be on our adventure with our RV/truck with our kids in 14 months!! If you guys can do it, we can do it!!

    Love to you both!

    • Thank you so much, Kerri!! I am so happy to have your encouragement and support in my life – you are truly a shining light. I’m excited for your future adventures, and very proud of you as well with everything you are doing in your destiny these days. Love to you and Trevor and the kids!! Noelle

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