There is Room for Me to Be ME

Can you feel the shift? There is energy and momentum increasing in the awakening of the planet. You may be noticing all of the horrible traumatic events taking place all over the world, but I am noticing the increase in connections and people who are waking up spiritually. There is no shortage of connections for me right now . . it’s full and incredible – there are people everywhere who are alive and awake! We are living in exciting times!

And as I feel the connection growing with beautiful souls all over the world who are resonating with me and I am finding just how many of us awakening souls there are, it’s AMAZING.

BUT it’s also brought a struggle into my life:

comparing myself to others.

As I meet all of these amazing people who are doing missions similar to mine and have gifts similar to mine, I start to doubt myself. I start to doubt that I’m special or different like I hoped I was, that my mission is unique, that there is even a place for me. And as this egoic train of thought continues, I catch myself spiraling into a slight depression.

So I took this struggle to my journal this morning, and I WOKE myself up!

And here’s what I wrote to myself:

“This is NOT about levels of greatness. We are ALL equally amazing. We simply have different ROLES on this earth. YES. Can I simply allow myself to feel the ecstasy of the unique role that I’m destined to have, without thinking that it in some way diminishes someone else? There is room for me to be me, and you to be you. In fact, we all NEED you to be you.”

And I realized that although I am discovering people with similar talents and missions, the world still needs ME. There is no one quite like me. I may be similar to others, but I am not EXACTLY like anyone else. And there is a portion of this world who desperately needs Noelle to be fully Noelle. So I can let go of comparisons that steal my joy, and just TRUST the visions of my role on this earth that bring me the MOST joy.

This weekend I was connecting with a new friend who has a dream of being a real estate agent in the Florida Keys. When she talks about this dream, she LIGHTS UP. Her voice gets stronger and her energy radiates and you almost feel for a moment like YOU’d like to go be a real estate agent, such is the contagious nature of her joy on the subject.

And this encourages me.

Because she doesn’t have a dream of singing and speaking to huge crowds and changing the world. She wouldn’t want that, anymore than I would want to be a real estate agent. But her role is just as important as mine, and vice versa. No dream is too big or too small. There’s no measurement in destiny. The only thing we need, is to follow the dream that makes us feel MOST alive. If your dream is to live a simple life, and just BE, then that is how you will change the world. You don’t need to want a world-wide mission of awakening like I do.

So let’s just allow ourselves to be EXACTLY, FULLY who we are and to follow the dreams that make us ECSTASTIC, even if it doesn’t seem like a NORMAL dream.

There is room for you to be you and me to be me.

Follow that unique feeling and vision that makes you feel ECSTATIC today. Trust it. It’s yours. No one can take it from you and no one else wants it. It’s yours to enjoy – so dream big or dream small, or something in between. Whatever you MOST desire, is what you’re MEANT to have!!


How My Blistered Feet Reminded Me to Choose Joy

Yesterday Vince and I went on a LONG walk on the beach — barefoot. It was just what I needed after recording the most momentous episode of Coffee Time ever, where I revealed my soul to the world about my current beliefs.

The sand felt so wonderful under my toes. Until about 3 miles in. Then we both started feeling it, and so we turned back. 3 miles left to walk on the beach back to the van. And as we neared the end of the walk, the bottoms of my feet were red and blistered and I was in tons of pain. All I could think about was how much my feet hurt.

And then we got to our destination and started walking up the steps to the place where we could wash our feet, and I looked up and saw a man in a wheelchair. He was sitting there looking out at the ocean waves. And in one instant, I transitioned from thinking about how much pain I had in my feet, to feeling insane GRATITUDE that I was ABLE to walk 6 miles on the beach and feel that glorious pain.

Isn’t perspective powerful? Isn’t it crazy to think how fast I could move from pain to joy? What other choice could I make today to experience joy instead of pain? What other thoughts could I choose? What different perspective could I have about anything in my life right now that would instantly transport me out of pain, into joy?

I’m gonna be honest that life with Vince in the van is not always comfortable. On my talk show I rave about our life and how insanely happy we are. But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret (well, actually a BIG secret):

We are happy, not because of the van or even because we have all of our time free. We are so extremely happy because we CHOOSE joy every day. We CHOOSE to see our lives as blessed. We CHOOSE to see that life is amazing.

I know that some people could be transported into the exact circumstances that Vince and I are in right now, and they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. They would focus on the fact that they haven’t showered in 2 weeks or that they bump into each other all the time in their home and the van is tiny and sometimes the cops knock on their door and scare them to death in the middle of the night and sometimes they are so low on money they don’t know how they’re going to pay their bills. And the hate mail.

But that’s NOT what Vince and I think about. We CHOOSE happiness. We CHOOSE to look at each other every day, multiple times a day, and say, “I can’t believe I get a partner as awesome as you. I am SO grateful you are with me right now.” We choose to see that we have the abundance of ALL our time free to live our dreams, to do what we want, to live a purposeful, passionate life. We choose to see that we are the richest people on earth, because we have each other and because we get to live the life we want, free from obligation. We choose to see all the support we have from amazing people like you.

We choose to see that life is a miracle.

So what are YOU choosing to see today?

I encourage you, you have the power to see and feel whatever you want, right now.

Choose Love. Choose Peace. Choose Joy.

The First Tour is Completed – Time to CELEBRATE!!!

I am very surprised that I am writing to you today from Colorado. Yes, that’s right.  For the moment I am right back in Longmont, CO where I started this tour 3 months ago.

The winds of Spirit drew us suddenly back here, one month earlier than we originally planned. I feel a huge SHIFT and realize that this first tour is now completed and we are ready for whatever is next.  And so now it’s time to take inventory and CELEBRATE everything that has happened since we packed up our lives and left life as we knew it back on January 31, 2015 — almost 3 months ago exactly.

When we left on this tour, we didn’t have a clear picture of what it would be, and we knew we were stepping into an adventure in TRUST. I had ideas – I thought it would be about big events and lots of book signings and lots of connecting in person with people, spreading our message of JOY and LOVE.

It turned out to be something VERY different than that, and as I look at all that has happened in these 3 months both internally and externally, I am absolutely AMAZED and I see that what has ACTUALLY happened is BETTER than anything I dreamed of happening. It’s blowing my mind!!!

In my journal this morning, I documented everything into “BEFORE TOUR” and “AFTER TOUR” categories. It’s astonishing to look at what Spirit has accomplished in us and through us in just 3 short months.

And it’s WAY too much to detail here, so here are the HIGHLIGHTS:

1) Before tour, we had an apartment, 2 cars, and a bunch of stuff. We had a DREAM of living a simplified nomadic life in a Sprinter van with all our time free and traveling the world.

After tour, our DREAM has become a reality: We sold all our stuff, and everything we own fits into our new tiny home. We live an adventurous, simplified life and we received our exact dream of a Sprinter van and we now live a life of traveling and adventure!!!!

2) Before tour, I had a brand new book, Bliss Beyond Belief, with a fairly small reader audience. I had a DREAM of my audience growing, doing book signings and interviews.

After tour, my audience has grown, I have had many more book sales and received the profits from them, I have 7 FIVE-Star reviews on Amazon, AND I had 2 AMAZING interviews: one with Mark from Happily Houseless YouTube, and one insanely life-changing one with Dr. Steve McSwain.  Check out that interview here. Also, I have a really good start on my 2nd book, Life Beyond Fear.

3) Before tour, I had a distant dream of starting a School that would allow me to teach people everything I’ve learned about walking into a dream life and living a life in Spirit.

After tour, the School is a living and breathing REALITY!!! I have 7 incredible students, the first course is almost completed and we are launching into the next session of the school soon, with coaches working for me and people’s lives being changed. This happened SO MUCH FASTER than I ever envisioned it would! I thought it would be decades before I was able to realize this dream!!!  Incredible.

4) Before Tour, I had a VERY passionate, life-long, yet seemingly distant dream of recording a music album.

DSC00809 (400x300)

After tour, this dream has become a reality!!  I recorded the album in the van in Portland, and I received a generous donation which allowed me to have it professionally mixed and mastered. “Music of Me” which includes 14 songs by yours truly will be released within the next couple of weeks!!! I am blown away that this happened so fast!! Truly a MIRACLE.

5) Before tour, I had a dream of having a better, more professional website – one that would more beautifully and elegantly be my online face to the world and would incorporate my blog.

After tour, this new website, designed by the fabulous Deborah Penner, is about to be launched!  It is fast becoming a reality and I can’t wait to show it to you soon.

6) And most importantly, before tour, I had a DREAM of being a confident writer, singer, speaker.  I envisioned being able to speak and sing and write with confidence and ease.

After tour, this has definitely become a reality!!! As I have lectured at the Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix and recorded each lecture video for the School, recorded the music album, and felt all fear in my writing being released as I write the book, Life Beyond Fear, I feel the new insane level of confidence I have.  I no longer doubt myself or worry about my ability to speak, sing, or write.  I no longer have to memorize my speeches.  The words just FLOW as I trust in Spirit to guide me.

The biggest thing this tour has given me is a new picture, a new reality of WHO I AM. The old is gone, the new is HERE!

So what’s next?

Vince and I will be spending the week with our beautiful daughter, gearing up for the next session of the School for Dreamers, finishing the new website, and other than that . . . it’s anybody’s guess what’s next.

If there is one thing we learned most fully while on this first tour, it’s that fully TRUSTING in Spirit’s guidance EVERY MOMENT is the KEY to adventure, miracles, and dreams becoming reality.

There is no way I could plan what to do next, better than Life can plan it for me.  So I sit here today, back where I started, but definitely NOT the same person who sat here just three short months ago.

I am CELEBRATING the insane miracles that have happened, looking with anticipation and adventure at the road ahead.

And simply saying . . . Thank you LIFE! Thank you SPIRIT!! Look at what You’ve done in my life!

I am ready.

I am here.

Use me!

How I Easily Accelerate My Destiny By FEELING As If I Already Am a World Leader

As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, it is beyond my comprehension and wildest dreams that I have already launched a SCHOOL, within just 2 months of embarking on my Dreams to Reality Tour. I have successfully built the School for Dreamers, with 7 amazing students, a full first course which includes DYNAMIC weekly video lectures recorded from my van, personal review and feedback of the writing exercises, private Facebook group, and weekly coaching calls. The next session of the school begins on June 1st, and YOU are more than welcome to join us on this life-changing journey, if you are HUNGRY and LONGING to walk into the life of your dreams.

I look around now, since launching the school, and see that these online courses are all the rage. I had no idea. The inspiration and idea to do this came about very organically, and with no thoughts of what I SHOULD do, or of copying what any other leaders are doing.

I look at where I am now, a leader in this spiritual awakening on our planet, a spiritual teacher and life coach, a founder of a school, and I think, “How did this happen to me, so FAST?!” I’ve had the School for Dreamers vision for several years now, but if you had asked me WHEN I thought this would happen in my life time-line, I would have said it would be in my later years, when I’m in my 60s or 70s, after a lifetime of experience and wisdom, after traveling the world with Vince, when I have a LOT more wisdom to share than I do now.

I would have PEED my pants if you had told me that I would launch the school at age 36.


And YET, this is the reality I’m living. I live in a van, and I’ve launched this school that is changing people’s lives, while LIVING in this tiny home. While I’m in a life where every few days we look for a new place to park our home, for FREE, incognito, hoping no one will knock on our door in the middle of the night and tell us to move (THIS has actually happened – that will be a story for a future blog post).

How did this big dream happen so fast? I’ll tell you EXACTLY how it happened, because I remember the moment as CLEAR as day. It was February 19, just a little over a month ago, and I was letting myself have a full day of journaling and dreaming. I had been in a time of craziness with the move into our new tiny home and my YouTube channel exploding, and I felt a little disconnected from myself, so I decided to take a full day to reconnect.

I let myself DREAM.

I let go of all the TO DOs, all the little details of my life, and I reconnected with the BIG VISION.

I let myself FEEL what it would feel like to already BE that famous, wealthy person I know I will be someday.

What would it FEEL like to have a reach like Oprah, like Taylor Swift – someone THAT well-known on the earth, someone that wealthy. How would I FEEL today if I had that kind of reach in the world?

And I let myself feel that highest self.

Here is what I wrote in my journal that day:

“How does a wealthy, famous, WORLD LEADER of JOY act? She gives FREELY and RECEIVES FREELY. How FULLY can I EMBRACE THIS DESTINY? How FULLY can I CLOTHE MYSELF in this reality? HOW FULLY can I IGNORE EVERY circumstance that points me to a lower reality? Give what I HAVE to GIVE. If I ALREADY AM that HIGHEST VERSION of myself – OUTSIDE of Time – how would I LIVE? If there is NOTHING I lack, How would I act? What would I give? What would I do? SING, SPEAK, WRITE, GIVE. No LIMITS!! I could offer a course that includes coaching, just to teach people everything I know about walking into your dreams.”

And there it was. It didn’t come from a place of “How can I make money while I’m on the road?” or “What should I be doing to get me into the life of my dreams as a teacher?”

NO, it was WAY more simple than that.

It came from the powerful place of, “Since I ALREADY AM a world-famous spiritual teacher and leader, what can I GIVE?”

And there it was.

And within one week of that inspirational moment, I fully launched the school — with 7 students who are engaged and are using what I’m giving to transform their lives and accelerate their own journeys of healing and growth.

I didn’t have to do big launches or lots of advertising – the students just appeared, because they were ready to receive what I was ready to give.

So where are YOU on this journey towards the life of your dreams?

If you are wanting to accelerate it, to move forward, but you just don’t know how, I would LOVE to help you in this process.

It turns out, I don’t need to wait until I’m in my 60s or 70s to teach other dreamers how to really do this thing, because what qualifies me to help people NOW, at age 36, is the fact that I AM CURRENTLY LIVING my dream life, and I have learned how to hear my own voice and follow inspiration and joy in everything I do.

I want to teach you how to do the same, because inside of YOU is every answer you need.

Let’s go on this journey together!

Fully Living My New DREAM Life: How I’ve Embraced the Craziness and Found Peace and JOY

I’m back! I have missed connecting with all of you here on this blog – it’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since I’ve written a post, and yet in many ways it feels like it’s been a YEAR.

The insane magnitude of everything that’s happened since we left on this tour almost 2 months ago is beyond description, and WAY too much to capture in one blog post. I have risen to a new level. And I am OVERJOYED that I have now adjusted in such a way that I’m able to stand on solid ground in this new and magical world and share my experiences with all of you.

I am learning how to operate in a new level of fullness – after 3 years of REST and deep internal growth, with almost no plans or schedule of any kind, I am now in a life of busyness and outflow (balanced with powerful daily times of rest and internal escape) to the point where I actually have a SCHEDULE. What?! A schedule? If you had told the Noelle from one year ago that I would someday have a daily work schedule, I would have laughed in your face.

I went from an insane work schedule in 2011 doing something I didn’t love in the corporate world, to a free-flowing life of growth for 3 years where I embraced the beautiful reality of living in the moment and having NO plans or structure to my daily life whatsoever.

I honestly never thought I would need a schedule or plans again.

My free-flowing, living in the moment, no plans kind of life worked GREAT for me, and I LOVED it. Total freedom.  I completely LET GO of my type-A, your day is measured by how much you get done, type of approach.  I found the BLISS of surrendering to spontaneity and complete lack of structure.

But since we left on tour things have changed. This weekend I had to re-group. I had to face the fact that I felt overwhelmed and I needed a new way to approach my new life.

Everything that I had posted on my dream board in August of 2014 is now materializing before my eyes.

My dreams have literally become reality:

1) I’m touring the world with my amazing husband. We now live in a Sprinter van that Vince converted into a cozy home for us, and we get to travel around the U.S. and Canada fully ENJOYING our life-long dream of living nomadically.

Sprinter in front (400x300)

2) My book Bliss Beyond Belief is inspiring people around the world.

book shelf smile

3) I founded the online School for Dreamers – I have 7 insanely amazing students in my first course, and lives are CHANGING!  I get to record a 45-minute inspirational lecture video while sitting in my van every week, I feel SO ALIVE in my life-changing coaching calls weekly with each student, and I am overjoyed as I see them transforming and growing before my eyes.  I never thought in my WILDEST dreams that this dream would become a reality SO SOON!!!! What is happening to me?!

Video lecture in van (400x300)

4) I have 2 music concerts scheduled in Edmonton in May – I get to perform with Leah Pauls!!

5) I am conducting my own FULL DAY “Dreams to Reality” Workshop in Calgary on May 16.  This is HUGE for me!!

6) My YouTube channel has exploded!  I started this tour with 48 subscribers, and today the total is 1300 and rising. (Vince and I were actually asked to be hosts for a tiny home TV show, but we turned it down because we like having total control of it and building our own thing.) It’s so fun to build this channel WITH Vince – I never dreamed he would be such a big part of this, and it’s so fun to see him shine on camera – he’s a natural!

So you can see why I might have felt a little overwhelmed this weekend, as I saw the list of TO DOs start to grow, and felt everything swirling around in my head.

I decided to step outside of it, and to realize that I ASKED FOR ALL OF THIS.

This is what I wanted.

So I simply wrote down in my journal, “How do I embrace everything that has been given to me? These dreams have become a reality, and now I need to learn how to ENJOY all of this – please help me, Spirit.”

And instantly, I knew, that I needed a schedule.  That I needed to organize my life.

And as I began organizing and finding a specific time in my week to write blog posts, to work on my projects, to record the weekly lecture video, etc. etc, instead of feeling dread at the thought of having a structure to my life, I felt JOY and PEACE.

And in that moment, I knew – there is a season for everything. There is a time for every type of activity. A time to rest, and a time to move. A time to be flexible and free-flowing, and a time to have a plan. And I felt this burst of excitement that I have entered a time in my life where I can handle having a plan.

Because unlike my previous life in the corporate world of planned activities, of obligations that made me ill, NOW my plans are for doing everything that I LOVE.

My day is planned, but it’s filled with everything I love to do – write, speak, sing, inspire, encourage, teach, lead, and LOVE.

THIS is a plan I can embrace. And I can hold it loosely.

And I can let it all soak in.

My dreams are becoming reality.

And I’m READY.  Let’s DO this!