When I Am Me – a song from my new album


It’s Music Time! In this 6-min video I share the powerful lyrics to my song, “When I Am Me” along with a story of a fan who recently had a spiritual awakening while listening to this song – YAY!!

If you’ve ever felt TENSION in yourself and in your relationship with others simply by being fully who you are, you will resonate with this song. Make sure to watch until the end to see a clip of me singing this song live at a recent church gig.

This show is a weekly opportunity for me to share the background stories behind the 14 songs on my new music album, Music of Me. I’m so excited to “unwrap” the album for you!!! I’m so proud of it and thrilled to share it with you!

To hear samples of all 14 songs and purchase the album, go to iTunes or cdbaby:



It’s My Birthday: I Can Cry If I Want To

Image Credit: Arun Anand

The tears I cried on the way to my birthday breakfast with my mom yesterday were not sad tears. I wept for joy because I received a VERY unique gift from a Facebook friend.

This is a special birthday, because it’s my first birthday after ‘coming out’ spiritually to the world. I have shed my skin, come out of the cocoon, and in this blog I have revealed my soul in total transparency, holding nothing back.

So this birthday feels very different because I am not hiding anything. I am living a transparent, authentic life. Even my connections online are more authentic. They are not based on an outdated idea that people have in their minds about who I am – they are not based on the mask I always wore.  Anyone who has taken the time to read even one of my blog posts, knows something about the REAL me.  And that makes me feel whole and connected.

I woke up yesterday to lots of birthday messages, and one in particular cut straight to my heart. It was from my new Facebook friend, Eric Nzohabonayo, from Burundi, Africa.

Eric N

We have connected online through my music recently, because he is also a musician and used to write music, and has been inspired to start writing again. Soon we are going to collaborate on a song – he will write the lyrics and I will set it to music and sing it, in both English and French (his main language).  Good thing I know how to sing in French!

I don’t personally know Eric, other than through this online forum, and so the present I got from him yesterday — a personalized poem — was powerful. It felt like God speaking straight to me. It made me feel so special, so loved by God and the universe, so affirmed in my identity and purpose.  It awakened me, emboldened me, and hit me at just the right moment when I needed encouragement.

I can’t describe how LOVED this made me feel – the deep, gut-wrenching unconditional love of God that affirms you – the love that lets you know that you are HOME, that your true identity is amazing and magnificent, that there is nothing wrong with you, the love that lets you know you have a powerful purpose, that you are not alone – it’s an INDESCRIBABLE experience!!!

As you read the words he wrote to me, imagine what it would be like to receive this from someone across the globe you hardly know – how would it make YOU feel?

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I Wanna Write A Song Just for YOU (Or for someone you love – the perfect Christmas gift!!)

I’ll admit it, I am a hopeless Christmas romantic.  As soon as the first snowfall came a couple of weeks ago, I busted out the Christmas movies and music and I’m in a perpetually good mood all during this special time of year.

It’s also a MUSICAL time for me, and the songwriting is FLOWING!

I want to share some of this musical bounty with you, and connect with you in a very personal and unique way by writing you a song.  And since the holiday season is here, the song I write could be a song for someone special in your life who you want to bless at Christmas.

Whatever is on your heart to express, I want to help you express it by putting it to music.

Why do I want to do this, you ask?

1)  To deeply touch your heart with the power of music.  What better way to bless you than with a personalized song? A song that is specifically for you or for someone you cherish, is going to impact you in a way that a general song would not.

2) To help you HEAL by expressing your pain through music.  Recently I wrote a song straight from the words of a comment on my most recent post entitled “Are You Scared To Share Your Story? Don’t Let The Fear Win!”.  Heather’s words were so vulnerable and raw that I was inspired to write a song for her, using her comment for the lyrics.  She told me that hearing her words put to music is the beginning of deep healing for her from depression and other internal battles.

3) To build my YouTube channel so I can inspire more people with my music.  At some point in the future I want to share the song I write for you publicly on YouTube (it doesn’t have to be right away, if you want to commission me to write a song for a Christmas gift, for instance).  Then you can help me by subscribing to my channel and sharing the video with your friends, which will help me grow my audience.

I’m not asking for any money for this music – this is completely a GIFT to you.  It is my passion to share my music with you, and my joy is complete by touching your heart.

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