Whatever You THINK, Will BE: I Choose Easy, and Life is EASY

Do you have ANY idea how POWERFUL you are?

Do you know that if you DECIDE life will be EASY, it will be?

My entire life, I thought singing was difficult for me, and so it was.

The MOMENT I decided it was easy, it became EASY.

I thought songwriting was impossible for me and that I wasn’t a creative person. And so I didn’t write music.

The MOMENT I decided songwriting would be easy and natural for me because my very NATURE is CREATIVE, the songs effortlessly and joyfully flowed out of me.

And now, as I embark on my new adventure of publishing my first book,

Bliss Beyond Belief:

The Journey Out of Pain Into Your Highest Destiny

I know it will be FUN and EASY,

because that is what I have decided it will be.

Whatever dream you have, whatever work, whatever you want to release to the world, stop limiting your outflow by thinking that it’s difficult to do.

Whatever you think, will BE.

I don’t know about you, but I choose EASY, EFFORTLESS, JOYFUL, and FUN!!!!

Here is the latest song on my YouTube channel, a poignant true story about a man named Johnny comforting an elderly lady after she lost everything in the 2013 Calgary floods.  Get ready — it’s a TEAR-JERKER!


Is Life Easy Or Difficult? You Decide

Everywhere we turn we see a new message that tells us to WORK HARD. Having a busy life is considered a sign of success. I remember when I was a part of the rat race in the corporate world, there was this unwritten rule that appearing really busy and stressed meant you were doing your job. If you appeared too serene or light-hearted, it was assumed you weren’t working hard enough.

That’s the insane culture in most work environments today. When I was a part of it, I got physically ill all the time, and felt like I was dying emotionally. I couldn’t handle the mask I had to wear, or the denial of the creative parts of me that were longing to be awakened and explored.

When the pain of wearing a mask became greater than the fear of drastically changing my life, I jumped. I jumped out of the corporate world of ‘security’ and into the unknown abyss of creative and internal exploration.

Let’s just say — taking that jump, even when it didn’t make sense at all financially, is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. I jumped into the fairy-tale. I jumped into the reality of creating the life I’ve always wanted. I decided I didn’t want to waste one more moment living a life that society told me was respectable, successful, honorable, or secure.


I had too much passion brewing inside me, too much of ME I didn’t know, too much LIFE to live.

I knew, that on my death bed, I wouldn’t care about what society had said was a successful life, or the ‘right’ thing to do. I knew that in my last few breaths, I would only care that I had lived every moment to the fullest, and that I had fearlessly been my most authentic self.

So as scary as it was, I jumped into the unknown. And when I look at my life now, 3 years later, I am overwhelmed with insane gratitude, joy, and wonder, at what I see is my life. I have to pinch myself, because it feels more like a beautiful dream than reality.

I am literally living the life of my dreams:

I have the love of my life – the best partner I could ever dream of having.

I have awakened and unleashed my creative potential in writing, music and speaking.

I am fully and fearlessly being WHO I AM, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I decided that my life would be easy, magical, passionate, and joyful.


In my previous way of life, I was tied down by obligations to family, work, church, and society. Now I have none of those. My life is not lived out of obligation to anyone. My life is lived purely from the inside out.

I don’t do anything I don’t want to do.

And as a result, the relationships I do have are thriving, deep, and authentic, the work I do is easy and deeply fulfilling, my spirituality is a natural expression of who I am, and I am contributing to society without concerns of what society thinks of me.

When you look at your life, what do you see? Everything in your life – your relationships, your job, your home, your current emotional state – everything has been created by YOU.

You create your life.

While this may seem like bad news to some who don’t want to accept responsibility, it’s actually the best news you could ever imagine, because it means you can create whatever life you really want.

All the conclusions you’ve made about what is possible, have determined what you see today.

The only limits on what is possible for you, are your THOUGHTS.

Choose a new thought, experience a new reality.

I encourage you today to take inventory of your life. Examine what conclusions you have made about what aspects of your life are ‘fixed’.

The truth is, nothing is fixed.

You are made in the image of God; in fact, you are a vital part of God, and as you align with who you really are, you carry the same creative power that created everything we see.

If you think life is difficult, then it absolutely will be.

If you think life is easy, then it absolutely will be.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna keep choosing easy, effortless, joyful, peaceful, passionate, magical, and fun!!

You are more powerful than you have ever dreamed.

Start living up to your incredible potential by choosing a new thought about what is possible for YOU today.

I Was Molested By My Pastor When I Was 9: How I’ve Turned This Trauma Into My Passionate Purpose


My 9-year-old gut told me something was wrong when my pastor crawled into bed between me and his daughter.

I remember slipping out of bed, going in the bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror, panicked beyond my little body’s capacity,

You need to get out of here, Noelle. Sneak past the bed into the kitchen and call Mom.

I quickly and quietly got myself past the bed, into the kitchen, heart racing, and picked up the phone.

As I started dialing my home number, this dark presence called a pastor came up behind me,

slowly put the phone back,

and brought me back to bed.

That night was the beginning of a 20-year-long journey

of forgetting who I was.

Even though we moved away from that little town in Iowa where my traumatic encounters with my pastor had been,

everything in my life changed from that point on:

I went from being joyful and carefree,

to being full of fear,

full of anxiety,

and living in private emotional torture

for most of the next 20 years of my life.

I felt like a split-personality, like I was literally 2 different people:

1) The happy, strong, Christian girl that the world saw,


2) the totally freaked out,


insecure girl

who was trying to make sense of how ugly and damaged

she knew she was.

This horribly skewed self-concept stayed with me through

many lonely years,

addictions to men and alcohol,

and 2 broken marriages.

And yet if you met me today you would never guess that most of my life has been so painful and broken.

I am a thriving, confident, strong, passionate, purposeful and inspirational leader.

I am working full-time in my dream job as

an inspirational speaker/singer/writer,

I have the husband of my dreams,

and I am using my gifts and passions to help the world.

So how did I transform my trauma into my passionate mission and purpose?

1) I FACED MY REALITY head on – At age 29, my rock bottom moment, (when I realized my 2nd marriage was over)was admitting to myself that my life was a complete mess, and that there was nothing I could do to fix it or make myself more attractive to the world –

this was SCARY!

2) I LET GO of my life – I completely surrendered everything I was hanging on to – anything that had ever given me any hope, such as finding a man to take care of me – I let it ALL go

3) As soon as I let go, I realized that LIFE WAS HOLDING ME, and because I let go of everything that was giving me false hope,


the lie was revealed for what it was, and in that moment I realized that there had never been ANYTHING wrong with me

4) I let this ONE TRUTH, that I was beautiful and not damaged, transform everything in my life

5) I continued to TRUST:



and let LIFE HEAL ME



8) I spent LOTS of time with myself, learning my desires and my passions

9) I LET GO of EVERY OTHER VOICE but MINE: the church, friends, family





14) I EMBRACED my fears and

RAN towards my dreams with ABANDON

The result?

My life is truly magical

I am flowing with the river of life, and

I never have to do anything I don’t want to do.

I am peacefully guided to every next beautiful step on my path.

I don’t have any worries,

or unwanted obligations,

or any hindrances to being


Don’t get me wrong – I DO GET SCARED,

because moving towards your dreams and

sharing yourself with the world

is incredibly scary –

but I am fueled by my intense passion to help YOU discover

YOUR radiance,

to help you through the journey

out of your pain

and into your highest destiny.

Whatever your trauma, whatever your pain –

nothing is as big or as insurmountable as it seems.

You can transcend ANY trauma in your life

and walk into a passionate, purposeful life.

If I can do it, you can do it.

You wanna hear something really strange?

I’m thankful for the trauma and the pain.

I would not be the deeply compassionate,

inspirational person I am today

without that intense suffering –

it has molded me perfectly.

So today you have a choice:

1) You can stay stuck in your trauma, believing the lie that it’s too big to overcome, that your life isn’t worth much

OR (this next option is the better one)

2) You can transform your trauma into the greatest passion of your life and inspire others to walk out of the darkness with you!

P.S. Click HERE to watch me on YouTube speaking and singing my incredible story of transformation!